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Want to add something exciting to your next event or project? Want a memorable, exciting and eye-catching outcome to share with attendees and others?

I can sketchnote (live-draw) at either in-person and online events in order to capture a beautiful visual infographic piece. Alternatively, we can work together to pull together key information from your research or project and I can create from there!

As I design digital hand-drawn illustrations and work at-pace, I am able to offer an extremely fast turnaround, usually sharing the finished piece the day following your event.

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A group of people sit drawing at a table together attending a South West illustration workshop


Sketchnoting can be a great tool for personal use, improving outcomes for work or education. 

I offer workshops for groups wanting to try out this creative and innovative method to aid in their listening and retention of information; gain a new way of organising and processing your thoughts, or possibly just try a great team working exercise that pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

These workshops can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your group, so please contact me to discuss.

Note, I am a South West Illustrator based in Devon but am able to travel for bookings or run workshops online as both are very effective.

Please specify whether you would like your workshop to be run online or in-person (include location if option B) and how big your team or group is.

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