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Grace Elizabeth Illustration sketchnotes on iPad


Feeling a little lost? Fear not!

Sketchnotes are simply a way of recording 'visual notes' - translating information into graphics (infographics if you will!) in order to make them more impactful, captivating and memorable. You might occasionally see this skill described as graphic recording or visual scribing.

Sketchnotes can capture the essence and key points of an event, process or story in an exciting and visually stimulating way.

Many people use sketchnoting as a personal method of note-taking, but what sets my work apart is my combined history and experience in not only illustration, but communication and marketing. Not only will the piece I create for you be packed full of engaging, easy-to-digest information, but it will be visually beautiful - setting it apart from other sketchnotes out there.

You may see from many of the pieces I have created that I have worked with several health and care providers as well as researchers, charities and individual teams. Healthcare sketchnotes can be a perfect tool to spread your message to a wider and more diverse audience as they are an accessible and interested method of communication, setting your project or message apart from others.

Because of the nature of sketchnoting however, they are applicable not only to healthcare but to almost any topic. I have previously sketchnoted Ted Talks; illustrated at Team Days so that teams members have a memorable visual memento of everything they learned and worked on together; created summary sketchnotes for researchers wanting to present their findings in an exciting and engaging way; and so much more.

Want to make your message stand out? Want to communicate better with your audiences? Let's work together!

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